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You Can Fly!

We have 13 chickens on our ranch, and one of them flies.

We have a very large chicken run for all the chickens to roam around all day, and plenty of food for them to enjoy. They have a good life.

But the chicken that flies – as soon as their coop door opens in the morning, she runs out and flies over the fence.

She alone gets to roam through grasses and gardens, getting her pick of the freshest food and the thrill of exploration and independence.

The funny thing is, she’s no different than the other chickens. She’s not a different breed nor has she been sprinkled with fairy dust. She has no special ability the others are deprived of. In fact, they all could fly if they tried.

The other chickens watch her through the fence as she scratches around in all the best spaces. I imagine their envy, wondering why she gets to do something so great and they don’t get to do. Completely unaware of their own potential.

It is within all of us to be exceptional.

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely relate to those chickens…

As I struggle to juggle my children, my home, and my dreams – it feels impossible to do some of the things that I see others doing.

The truth is, no one is much different from you. The key is to view others' success as proof that its possible for you too. They are a reflection of you.

Watching our chickens this week, I was reminded that seeing others succeed is in fact a gift. It’s a beautiful reminder that what we want is achievable.

We may have a little work to do – we may have to practice believing in our ability, in our potential, or in our worthiness. We may have to risk failing as we try to do things we’ve never done, or never believed we could before.

But, in the end, we all can fly.

This week I invite you to consider your life from the perspective of our chickens.

Bring to mind all the things you’ve been watching others do from your side of the fence. Now, imagine you’ve just been told that everything they have within them to do those things, you have within you too. You can fly.

What's your next move? :)

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


Ps – if this resonates with you, here's another Monday Motivation I wrote last year about having faith in the unseen that you may enjoy as well.

Looking for more? Reach out to me and let's jump on a call; we can chat about how you can change your thinking to see yourself as capable of achieving your dreams. You can fly! :)

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