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If you're looking to inspire & empower women,

look no further...

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Robin's workshop changed my life. I feel like for the first time in years I'm excited about who I am and what I have to offer the world. I ACTUALLY feel like I'm worth going after the things I want in life. The world is waiting for me!

Robin helps women see themselves as an asset to their families and the world.

They will discover the power in their story, and the importance of making themselves a priority in their lives so they can make the impact they came here to make.

Keynote #1

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I never realized how much drama I have about saying yes to myself. It’s OKAY TO SAY YES TO MYSELF! That thought is thrilling.

-Sara, event attendee

Selfishness is the 
Key to Happiness

Here’s the truth: Women (especially mothers) tend to give all of themselves to the people and things in their lives; leaving very little for themselves, and often resulting in feeling depleted and like they’ve lost themselves. In this keynote Robin shares the key to feeling more confident and happier in every area of your life: Strategic Selfishness - Implementing moments of selfishness throughout the day that bring joy and fulfillment, even in the midst of a chaotic life. When women continually fill up their cup, they naturally overflow into everyone else’s. In this keynote, Robin shares how her journey through motherhood has taught her the importance of making her own happiness a priority, and how doing so improved every area of her life.


Understanding that when women thrive the world thrives.

Discovering the key to thriving is making yourself a priority.

Strategies for implement self-care into your daily life. 

Deepening confidence, and the courage to be bold. 

Keynote #2


Take the Mic

Women who figure out who they are, what their soul's purpose is, and take actions in alignment with those things - change the world. The tough part is often finding the courage to speak up and say what's on their hearts. And with good reason... The boxes women are expected to fit into, the pressure to be a "good girl" and the superficial competition we experience with other women can easily hold us back. In this keynote Robin helps women become aware of the things they’re thinking and believing about themselves and other women, and teaches them how to think empowering and nourishing thoughts that put them in alignment with their authenticity, so that they can offer the magic their soul came here to share, and hold space for others to do the same.

I am that woman who always compares herself to other women. I can’t wait to see how practicing seeing other women through the lens of love and sisterhood will impact my work relationships, and just my experiences with other women in general.

-Tanya, event attendee


Recognizing the power of your story & your voice, and giving yourself permission to use them. 

Discovering that we already have the courage within us to do the things we want to do. 

Learning that confidence is not a skill, but a relationship with ourselves that we cultivate. 

Encouraging other women to know, trust, and honor themselves too will elevate our businesses, communities, and the world. 

Meet Robin 

Robin is a Life Coach for women who brings a blend of humor and humility to audiences. Climbing the ranks in the speaking world, she adds a unique perspective that meets women where they're at and empowers them to get where they want to be going. 

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