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If you're looking to inspire & empower women,

look no further...

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"Robin's blend of humor and humility is perfect for empowering women and making us feel that we're not alone, and anything is possible."

-Anjalie, 43

"Robin presents with power, authority, humor, wit, and a presence that commands the entire audience when she speaks.  It was incredible to see her lead by example in how to SPEAK UP."

-Michele, 24

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Robin's signature talk, "Speak Up", takes participants on an enlightening journey from self-discovery to empowerment, challenging them to redefine what it means to be a "good girl" and embrace their authentic voices.


Through interactive exercises and insightful discussions, attendees learn to dismantle limiting beliefs, cultivate confidence, and support one another in a shared mission to uplift and transform.


This dynamic experience not only fosters individual growth but also nurtures a collective drive toward equality and inclusivity in both personal and professional spheres.

Key Takeaways

Empowerment of Personal Voice  Participants learn how to rediscover and amplify their unique voices, overcoming societal pressures to conform to the 'good girl' stereotype.

Confidence in Leadership

The seminar equips attendees with the tools and mindset needed to assert themselves in leadership roles and decision-making positions confidently.

Understanding and Combating Gender Norms

Attendees gain insights into how traditional gender norms have historically silenced women and learn strategies to challenge and change these norms within their environments.

Fostering Inclusive Environments  This seminar underscores the importance of creating spaces where all genders can thrive, encouraging men to play an active role in supporting gender equality and understanding the impact of their actions and behaviors.

Past audiences include...

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"I’ve always struggled with telling myself it’s okay to feel confident. Mainly because ever since I was younger I was told I couldn’t do things to make myself feel beautiful. After hearing you yesterday I really felt like I could be confident and re-define for myself what it means to be a 'good girl.'"- Giselle, 18

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