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Empowering Women, Transforming Organizations

Empowering Women, Transforming Organizations

I specialize in developing tailored women's leadership programs, with the goal of helping organizations foster an inclusive environment where women can thrive and lead.

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Women's Leadership Development Programs

Strategic Planning

Custom development and implementation of leadership programs that promote women to senior positions.

Workshops & Training

Interactive sessions on leadership skills, confidence building, and career advancement.


Executive Coaching 

Through targeted coaching sessions, I provide tools to support management in creating a more equitable work environment, ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to succeed and contribute to the organization's growth.

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Women United Consulting

In partnership with United Way of San Joaquin County, I will help your chapter of United Way strategize, launch, and grow your Women United branch. 


Branch Development

Guidance on creating and growing successful Women United branches within United Way.


Program Implementation

Assistance in developing programs that align with Women United’s mission and goals.


Best Practices Sharing

 Insights and strategies from successful Women United initiatives to replicate success.

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Let's chat about what services might be best for you and your team. Simply send me an email, or call or text me at (916) 719-6758, and we'll schedule a time to talk. 

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