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Investing in your team's connection and communication creates a happier, more productive, and more cost-affective work place.

Here's how I can help...

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TEam Building Seminar

Hosting a Team Building & Coaching Day gives your employees the opportunity to deepen their connection to the mission and vision of the organization, to their teammates, and to themselves. We'll achieve this by focusing on two areas:

  • Mission and Vision: The impact of the work of this organization is the vehicle for motivating team members. The more we can help the individuals feel personally connected and integral to the greater impact of the work being done – the more they’ll be motivated to get involved.


  • Ownership & Teamwork: It is vital for each team member to see themselves as a crucial part to the proper functioning of the team. Understanding how our thoughts and actions affect the function of the team, gives us the opportunity to be more mindful and deliberate about how we choose to behave.

DEI - Women's Leadership Development

I offer two formats of 1:1 coaching within organizations: 


Mini-Sessions: ​​

  • Ideal for offering a taste of coaching to many employees.

  • We offer select date(s) where I come in to offer 30-minute sessions to employees. 

  • During these sessions we focus on specific tools and behaviors to target to manage their unique experience with stress or anxiety. 

Full Program: 

  • Blend 1:1 sessions with my Team Building Seminar. Depending on the size of your organization, this can be done in one day, or over the span of several days. 

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If you're interested in discussing which option(s) are best for you and your staff, simply send me an email and we'll schedule a time to talk. 

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