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Having Faith In the Unseen

Three years ago we planted daffodils in our garden. As one of our favorite flowers, I always get excited for them to bloom, but this year I didn’t see them coming up. I’ve been to friends’ and family’s houses where their daffodils are blooming and beautiful, but there’s no trace of mine at all. I’ve walked through my garden looking for any sign of them, wondering what I’ve done wrong. Why didn’t they come up this year? Are there too many other plants out here?  I guess I just don’t get to have any this year… A couple days ago I walked out to the garden, and like magic there were dozens of daffodils. I had been looking for their stalks among the clover and other plants, and hadn’t seen a single one. Then suddenly, there they all were with their bright and cheery blooms practically smiling at me like they’d pulled off the surprise.

As I walked through the garden surprised and delighted, I realized that what happened between me and the daffodils happens to all of us, perhaps more often than we realize... We want something to happen in our lives, we compare others’ success to our (apparent) lack of success, we start doubting our worth or deservedness of the thing we want, and focus on all the reasons why it probably won’t happen for us. The truth is, we never know what’s happening just below the surface. As I walked through my garden everyday, disappointed to see nothing happening, these beauties were growing FAST. Just because I couldn't see it happening, didn't mean it wasn't happening. These flowers went from non-existent to full bloom in a matter of days. It made me wonder, what else might show up like this? As I stand here admiring my flowers, I'm simply reminded to have faith. Have faith in the seeds you’ve planted for your life, have faith that the timing of their blooming will be far more intelligent than your own. Have faith that no matter how abundant you already are, how many successes or victories you’ve had – the other shoe doesn’t have to fall, you are still worthy of having more.  And finally, if you aren’t seeing signs of anything emerging just yet, have faith that more than you know is happening just below the surface. Rather than focusing your attention on what’s not there – focus on how excited and delighted you’ll be when it all comes together, and it will. With love and gratitude,  Robin

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