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Let Freedom Ring?

This article was written in response to the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Don’t tell me this is about children.

If this were about protecting children, we would ensure that they have proper health care from their first ultrasound. We would provide free and decent healthcare to their mothers so they can be safely ushered into this world.

If this were about protecting children, we would ensure that families have enough food to feed all the kids they are now legally required to have. We would ensure that they have safe and stable parents able to provide for their emotional and physical needs. We would educate parents on parenting and how to provide for these sacred beings, and ensure parents have access to jobs, adequate pay, and affordable housing to raise their children in.

If this were about protecting children, we would ensure that children are kept safe at school. When they’re struggling with mental health, we would embrace them not suspend them.

We would ensure that they feel safe enough to learn without the fer of someone busting through the door with a gun ready to murder them and their friends in cold blood.

If this were about protecting children, we would ensure access to college education or trade schools so they can live out their divine purpose that we believe they all have – that is why we insist that they be born, isn’t it? Because they could be the next Jesus or Beethoven. They have sacred gifts that must be given a chance, and therefore we must ensure those gifts have the opportunity to be shared with the world. Right?

If this were about children – all of this would be true. ANY of this would be true. But NONE of it is…

No, this isn’t about children. This is about women.

This is about ensuring that women don’t get too free and cocky.

This is about making sure women stay in their boxes of being ‘good girls.’

This is about taming the wild women who have risen up and commanded your attention.

This is about controlling the bodies, the futures, and the potential of women who threaten to turn this fucking society upside down, stand on its head, and howl at the moon.

No, we can’t let that happen. Shut the bitches down. Shut the bitches up.

Keep them barefoot and pregnant, keep them out of the public eye, keep them so busy, so depressed, and depleted that they don’t have the energy to cry out for freedom and justice.

Let them die as they are forced to grow a fetus that has no chance at being born healthy. Let them beg for mercy and a chance to fulfill THEIR divine purpose and sacred gifts.

Let them remember their place, their purpose, their value.

I say to you – you may have won the battle. With a stroke of the pen you may have claimed the lives of many women and children who never asked to be on this path of destruction. But you have not won.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are not fragile. We do not break easily. You have merely awakened a level of rage and furry in a generation of women have already learned the sound of their own howls. We will not retreat; we will not be silenced.

Congratulations on another day in your tower, but don’t get too comfortable. It is only a matter of time before the earth below you begins to quake again, and your pens will not be able to save you.

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