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Are you WILD enough?

On a recent visit to the Sacramento Zoo, we happened upon a rare sight…

The female lion was sitting, RIGHT UP AGAINST the glass of the enclosure. The lions are usually out and about, lounging around the various platforms or shaded areas – but this evening she was right up front. I’d never seen her so close before.

No one else was around, so for several minutes I stood there – staring at this lion, and she stared right back at me.

I wanted to get my phone out and take pictures, but I couldn’t break eye contact with her.

I stood a few feet back from the glass, not moving or saying a word, locked in with this lioness.

To be honest, I felt her pain – the pain of being a caged, wild animal. Her sadness was palpable.

But underneath that, I felt her fierceness.

Here was this giant animal, paws the size of my head, staring into my eyes. We both knew she couldn’t get me – but something in her eyes told me that she remembered the hunt.

This lion had been in zoos most of her life – she likely has never hunted. But it’s in her instincts to be a killer. If that glass were to shatter, she would need no one to show her what to do or give her permission to do it.

As more people started coming over in awe and excitement that she was so close, I moved back to give others the chance to connect with her. As the selfies ensued and the noise increased, she got up and moved away from the glass.

As I walked away, I started wondering –What is within my wild nature that is being repressed?

If all expectations and limitations disappeared, if the proverbial glass shattered, what would come out of me that is hidden deep within me?

What would come out of you?

This week I invite you to walk with this inquiry… what is my wild nature?

As part of my coaching practice I help people reconnect with who they are – underneath all the labels, and years of shaping and influencing – underneath it all, what is all is really there?

This inquiry is a great way to begin getting re-introduced to who you are.

What is wild within you?

And what is keeping you tamed?

Enjoy the journey of discovery….

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


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