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What is 
Postpartum coaching?

Postpartum coaching is designed to support you as you prepare for birth, and during the first weeks and months of motherhood. 



In the weeks leading up to the birth I help you prepare your mind and body for birth and moving through the threshold of motherhood (even if this isn't your first birth).



We make logistical and emotional preparations to ensure that you enter motherhood feeling as prepared and supported as possible.



After giving birth, we meet weekly to ensure that you are feeling safe, supported, and well nourished - mind, body, and soul. 



This is a potent time of healing, processing, and discovery that can be very empowering if you approach it wisely and have support in navigating it. That is my offering to you. 



Above all, it is my intention that you will never feel alone or misunderstood, and that you emerge from your postpartum period feeling supported, confident, and empowered - ready to reintegrate into the world as the newest version of yourself.


Ultimately, my goal is to help you feel thoroughly supported and nourished so that you can heal properly, and build a solid foundation for motherhood. 

"Working with Robin helped give me time and space to process one of the biggest most life changing events in my life." 

-Monica, postpartum coaching client 

How does it work?

My program consists of 9 one-on-one sessions, here's how they breakdown: 


We meet 3 times before baby comes to help you get ready for birth, and get you setup for a successful transition into motherhood. 


A few days after baby is born, we meet again. This first postpartum session is dedicated to sharing your birth story. This is such a powerful part of the process. 


We then meet weekly for a few weeks to support you as you move through those early days of motherhood, and navigating having a newborn (or a newborn AND other children) in the home. This is where your foundation of motherhood is built. Let's ensure you're as well supported as possible during this time. 


You then have 3 sessions to use at your discretion over the next year. As challenges or struggles arise, you know you have support and guidance to help you reconnect to yourself and find your confidence along the way. 

How to Get Started:

  • Book a Discovery Call (if desired)

  • Complete Registration

  • Book your first session

  • Relax and KNOW that you're getting setup for a successful transition into motherhood! 

Frequently asked questions

If you've got questions about my program, check out these Frequently Asked Questions to see if your answer is here! 


If not, feel free to email me or book a Discovery Call to make sure all your questions get answered. 

I want in! 

If you already know you're ready to claim your spot in my program, you can choose which payment option works for you and get registered! 

After completing payment, you'll get a welcome email with instructions on how to create your account and book your first session. 

I can't wait to get started! 

Still not sure if my program is what you're looking for? 

Book your FREE Discovery Call

and let's find out! 

Discovery Call

Book a
Discovery Call

If you're on the fence about whether or not this is what you're looking for, let's get a Discovery Call scheduled.


A Discovery Call is our opportunity to meet, discuss where you're at in your pregnancy journey, how I might be of service, and what working together might look like. 

Discovery Calls are usually about an hour via Zoom, and free of charge.


I can't wait to meet you!

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