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You Can Always Choose Again

A few weeks ago I was watching P!nk’s documentary, “All I Know So Far.”

As I was watching it, I was so inspired by her mothering. I just kept thinking, ‘wow, she’s such a great mom.’

I started feeling pretty crappy because I realized I’m standing here, ignoring my kids, to watch another woman parent her's.


I decided to turn off the show, and setup some activities outside for the kids. I put on some music, and we danced around and colored.

It got me thinking about guilt and shame…

Guilt is a motivator – if you’re running late and you know people are waiting for you, the guilt of that will likely make you hurry up. If your kids are bored and you’re watching a movie, #guilt. 😬

Shame comes from a level of identity...

“I’m the worst friend.”

“I’m a terrible parent.”

Maybe it’s when guilt hasn’t done it’s job, and years of ignored motivation turns into shame.

Maybe it's when someone else’s messaging has been shouted at us for years, and we’ve eventually turned it into our own.

Whatever the source, the point is – you always have a way out.

You can always choose to change the story.

That day I put down my phone, I chose to write a different story.

You can choose to put down the ____, or pickup the ____.

Who cares if it’s been three hours, three months, or ten years - you have a choice everyday to choose the antidote to your guilt or shame.

Every single day you have the invitation and the opportunity to make the decision to think, be, and do differently than you did yesterday.

We don’t have much control over the life circumstances we experienced- but we 💯 have control in how we respond to them.

Your pain doesn’t have to be where the story ends; be the hero who saves the day and turns everything around.

You deserve it. We all do.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


Ps - I eventually finished the documentary, and it's great! You should definitely check it out. 😊

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