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What If Letting Go...Is Just The Beginning?

Yesterday morning I was preparing breakfast while the boys played with their racetrack; they were picking different cars to test out to see which ones were the fastest. At one point my husband walked over to find my son testing out how fast his half-eaten plum could roll down the track. It was actually kind of working – it was close to the right size of a small ball (although a little misshapen with bites taken out), and it was definitely rolling down the track, though not very fast. My husband laughed at how adorable this was and walked over to him. “Hey, that’s not what that’s for.” He said to my son. He picked up the half-eaten plum and asked him, “Are you going to eat this?” My son replied, “No.” So my husband proceeded to walk away with it. DEVASTATED, my son followed him, crying and begging for his 'ball' back. My husband walked over to a new box of golf balls and handed him one. My son stopped crying immediately and his eyes widened with excitement as he examined the ball. They both walked over to the track and daddy helped him put the golf ball on it – now, as we adults all know, a golf ball makes a much better ball than a half eaten plum. It was such a great lesson. I started thinking about how many times we kick and scream when we have to let things go. We don’t usually like things being taken from us. We chase after it crying, and begging to have it back. The thing we have to consider is that maybe we’re chasing a half-eaten plum. Maybe the thing being taken from us simply isn’t the thing we really want or need. We don’t know that, because in our limited perception, what we had was working just fine. But, FINE isn’t GREAT. As we head into a new week, a new month, and a new season I encourage you to walk with this lesson. In moments of release or letting go – ask yourself this question: What if this thing I’m having to let go of will be replaced with something better - something that will actually meet my needs and make me light up with joy and enthusiasm? What if what’s next is even better than this? What if daddy’s getting a golf ball? :)  Wishing you joy and optimism this week, and faith that the best is yet to come. With love and gratitude, Robin   

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