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This Can Build You Up Or Break You Down. You Choose.

We all experience difficult moments in life. Whether its a difficult decision we have to make, a fear we have to face, or something being handed to us that we really don't want. In these moments we have a choice: this can break me down, or build me up... 

What I mean is, we can choose the perspective that we bring to the situation. Is this a sign to give up and stop trying, or is this an invitation to push through discomfort and see what's on the other side?

Are you going to let this stop you, or are you going to let this motivate you? Can you let this be a teaching moment, a turning point that helps you grow into the next version of yourself? 

The choice is completely yours. And here's the good news, even if something does break you down - you can aways choose to build back up. You can choose not to stay down. You can always choose to get up, dust yourself off, learn the lessons this experience has taught you, and keep going. 

So, what's it gonna be? :) 

Wishing you a week of courage.  With love and gratitude, Robin

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