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Resisting Your Best Self

I'M BAAAACK! Dear Lord I have been waiting so long to say those words to you. You may have noticed I haven’t published a Monday Motivation in quite some time. The past several months I’ve been hunkered down as I prepared for the birth of my daughter and tried to figure out life as a mother of three. I haven’t written anything because I’ve been tired, overwhelmed… and 100% in resistance. By resistance I mean doubting myself, procrastinating, and doubting some more. The longer I waited to write the harder it seemed. I didn’t know what to say, and I’d rather make more excuses and distract myself than try. Ever ben there? If you can relate - whether you’ve been in resistance for creating your art, losing the weight, leaving the job, or allowing yourself to love again - let’s make a pact to wage war on resistance. Not because it’s the New Year, or because we’re annoyed with ourselves for waiting so long to try again, but because we love ourselves. Let’s act out of love for who we are right now AND who we’re meant to be.Love for the spirit within us that keeps calling us to be and do better. Love for the opportunity we’ve been given in another day and another year to get closer to becoming that version of ourselves that we fantasize about. The truth is – staying in resistance is far more painful than taking a leap of faith and just doing the damn thing. For me, spending one more week in self-doubt was going to be far more painful than writing this and sharing it with you today. Tony Robbins has said that the key to happiness is progress. As someone dedicated to the path of personal development, both personally and professionally, I can say I have discovered this to be true for myself and for my clients. The minute you take those first steps towards the thing you want to do or be, you'll feel AMAZING. That little bit of progress will make you feel more light-hearted, playful, and radiant. Just half-way through this article I noticed myself start to feel that way. It only took two paragraphs to give me a sense of defeat over resistance, and in turn, a major boost of confidence. It will be that easy for you too. Waiting for the perfect words, the perfect trainer, the perfect job, or the perfect moment will only leave you waiting for happiness. You know what you have to do. Take a deep breath, and take the first giant leap of action. Your future self thanks you. So, cheers my dear friend. Cheers to making it through this crazy year. Cheers to making new discoveries about what means the most to us. Cheers to having the courage to pursue who we want to be and what we want in our lives even though it’s hard and scary. Cheers to trying, and failing, and trying again – because we know we’re worth it. Cheers to a new year – a renewal of faith, of focus, and of devotion to self.

Have a safe and joyous holiday. I'll see you next week. 😉

With love and gratitude,


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