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Quit Keeping Score

This weekend my husband and I enjoyed a game of scrabble. When it comes to playing games with the people I love, I walk a fine line between loving life and wanting to slay the person mercilessly. So, in an effort to keep things light, we decided to forego keeping score.

With the stakes off the table, a very interesting thing happened. I had SO MUCH more fun! I noticed myself feeling brave, free, and playing far better than I ever had. I was, fearless.

When I wasn’t afraid of losing, or determined to be the best – having fun was the only objective, and it was! We laughed at the ridiculousness of some of our moves, and openly appreciated the other person’s creativity and success. At The Intention Studio last week, the main point I wanted everyone to leave with was that in life we have one objective: to feel good. When we think thoughts that make us feel good, we attract good things. It’s pretty simple. The problem is, we tend to keep score – we tend to look at what we don’t have, or what the other players do have, and we think thoughts that make us feel awful. When we feel awful, we can’t attract good things. I learned a very valuable lesson playing Scrabble this weekend. When we don’t keep score and we just come to have fun, we end up playing an amazing game. When we don’t take life or ourselves too seriously we can laugh at our mistakes, and we get out of our own way to be creative, resourceful, and even surprise ourselves at our own genius. Several incidents this week in the world, and in my life, have been a painful reminder that all things come to an end. And when all is said and done and we look back at the game we played, I think we’ll have far more appreciation for moments like these; when we just showed up as our best selves, having fun and loving life, than when we obsessed over how to change the score. This week I encourage you to observe yourself, how are you showing up to the game of life? Are you obsessing about your next move or how to change the score? If so, take a deep breath, and remember that your one objective is to feel good. Surrender the need to win and the fear of losing, and simply be. Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh at your mistakes, appreciate and celebrate the creativity and good moves of others, and notice how much freer and fearless you feel. And, in turn, how much easier and more enjoyable the game becomes. Wishing you a wonderful week!

With love and gratitude,  Robin

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