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Oh How Simple The Sacred

Recently one of my teachers asked me to recall a time that I felt truly joyful. I'm talking that cup-runneth-over with so much joy  that you feel like you might die, because how could you possibly live beyond this?...kind of joy. To be perfectly honest, I didn't have an answer right away. 

I spent a couple of hours in meditation (aka cleaning the kitchen), listening to music, and searching my heart and mind for a time when I had felt that kind of joy. As I looked out into my backyard, the vision came to me...

I recalled memories of my boys playing with our parents, my husband and I sipping wine, and the late afternoon sun behind our giant oak tree creating streaks of light and shade that my family danced through as they played. Listening to the sounds of their laughter, basking in everyone else's joy and love for this moment, sinking into the serenity of all my senses - THIS moment brings me immense joy. 

As the vision, and the feelings of the vision came through me, tears streamed down my face. As I was deep in this moment and feeling the feelings of it, a new song started playing. I had been listening to a playlist I'd created, but I had never heard this song before. An angelic voice sang, 

"In this moment  All the earth  Stands still  Time unwinds  It’s coil  And life is filled  To the brim  With spaciousness  Oh how simple  Oh the sacred  Oh how simple the sacred"

I stood in shock and awe. I have no idea where the song came from, but it was perfect. In this memory of my joyful moment, these lyrics describe exactly how I feel. The message was loud and clear: oh how simple the sacred. 

What brings you great joy? Even if it takes you a while to come up with a memory, keep trying - it's there. When you find it, I invite you to listen to this song and dive deep into the feelings of the joy of that moment. 

In the midst of tough times, when you feel defeated, hopeless, angry, or afraid - pull from these feelings. Like drawing water from a well, fill your heart and mind with what it feels like to be in this joyful memory. 

Allow those feelings to wrap around you like a warm blanket offering you their comfort and guidance back to the simplicity of your needs. These sacred moments are always waiting for us to offer their love and hope - and remind us that joy is never too far from our reach. It doesn't cost a lot of money, or require complex circumstances. It comes from the simplest of moments. Oh, how simple the sacred.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


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