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Is this REALLY the End of the Road?

Last week I was driving out to an event, and like we all do, I was following the directions on my phone. It took me down a route I was somewhat familiar with. I’d been in this area dozens of times and knew that the road I was on wasn’t a through road.

I was watching the map wondering when it was going to instruct me to turn because I KNEW that this road dead ended. It told me to keep going. I was confused and started to panic – did I have the wrong address? Had I entered it in wrong? How late was this error going to make me??

As I approached the dead end, I discovered… it didn’t actually dead end. It kept going. I drove past the point where I usually turn around and followed this road I never knew was there. About half a mile down the road was a beautiful venue, and I had arrived at my destination.

I sat in my car rather amazed. And I wondered how often this happens to us…

How often do we KNOW we can’t go any further, that moving beyond the familiar is 100% not an option? How many of those times are we completely wrong, but we don’t know it because we turn around before we can discover that the road keeps on going?

This week I invite you to observe your own limiting voices. Whenever we attempt something new or unfamiliar our brain panics and starts to find all the ways to tell us we’re wrong, it won’t work – it never does, who do you think you are, you can’t, they won’t, and so on…

Don’t listen to it.

The truth is, there is likely a road leading past the point of familiarity. There is a road past your comfort zone. There is a road beyond every limit you’ve ever hit before.

Once you push past all those limiting voices, and in faith follow the road you’re on with courage and conviction – you might discover something absolutely beautiful that you never knew was so close.

You deserve to see that.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


PS - if this resonates with you, let's jump on a call to discuss how working together might help you stay the course past the point of familiarity, and help you get to the place you really want to be.

Simply reply to this email tell me when you're available for your FREE consultation and we'll get you on the books!

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