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I Need A Hero

I have a dream of writing a book one day. I have a vague idea of what it’ll be about, and every now and then I sit down and write. I have a folder of “free writes” that I know I’ll browse through one day to turn into a cohesive piece of art. The other day I was writing about my journey through infertility, pregnancies, and births. As the words came through my mind and pouring onto the screen I almost couldn’t believe it was all true. “that’s some shit!” I actually said to myself. :) I know it's my story, and I know it all happened, but some parts of it are so painful and some are so empowering, I’m in awe that I experienced all of it.  When we’re in the thick of things, we wonder how we’ll ever make it out alive. Whether a test of physical fortitude or emotional endurance, sometimes life is so intense we can’t imagine life on the other side of it all. Yet, when it comes down to it we really only have two options: survive it, or don’t. The truth is, we are so much stronger than we know. We can handle more physical and emotional pain than we can imagine. We are strong, resilient creatures that adapt, adjust, and find a way to cope with this moment so that we may continue to face the next. Not sure if this applies to you? Look at your own story. Seriously, spend an hour this week revising a part of your own history. Maybe a time when you were a child, or when you made a major achievement, when your kids were little, or when something happened that you thought you’d never find your way out of. Write it out – like you’re standing on stage or authoring a book, write it like you're sharing it with the world. You won’t believe the power you find in your own story, in your own strength, in your own survival and success. I was emailing with a reader who responded to last week's Monday Motivation, and she shared the struggles she’s facing with the current circumstances. As I read her words the overwhelming guidance that came over me was to tell her to write her story out. This was the insight I shared with her... “I don’t know if you journal – but I think it can be very helpful in a time like this. These times will be something that soon we’ll all look back on and hardly be able to believe we endured. There will be great power in your story, for yourself and others. Write it out sister – on the good days and the bad, share where you’re at. One day you’ll look back at it and realize how f’ing STRONG you are for getting through these crazy times.” We’re all looking for a saving grace. Something or someone to tell us we’re going to be okay, that we’ll get through this, that we can do hard things, that our dreams will come true, that we’re on the right path. The good news is, that person exists - it's you. You’ll find evidence of it in your past stories. Even as your write about your current adventure, you’ll realize the gems you're uncovering, strength you're cultivating, lessons you’re learning. You’ll realize that there’s already a hero in your story – and its you. As we go through life – the highs and the lows – I encourage you to remember the power of your story. Every now and then, even when you don’t really want to, sit down and write a little bit of it out. Write about what you’re up against, what scares you, what joy you’re delighting in, what you're bitter about, what beauty you’ve seen, what loss you’ve endured. Then every so often, read what you’ve written. See the power of who you are. Let your experience empower you and motivate you to face your next adventure. In doing this you will see that you are not a victim of your circumstances, you are the hero who slays the monster and saves the day.

With love and gratitude, 


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