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I Guess Chickens Aren't Taught Sex Ed...

For the past week one of my chickens has been broody. That means she’s sitting on her eggs waiting for them to hatch - which is never going to happen, because, well, we don’t have a rooster. 😬

The problem is when a chicken becomes broody, they’ll spend days and even weeks in their box waiting for eggs to hatch, much to their own detriment.

They won’t leave to drink water, eat, or do anything to care for themselves, and their health and happiness quickly deteriorate.

Yesterday I decided it was time to get her out. It was going to be a hot day and sister needed some water. I had to intervene.

She put up a good fight, and once I got her out and set her on the ground, she pouted. She sat there all fluffed up and clearly PISSED OFF. Only after a while did she finally give up the fight and go outside.

I watched her as she walked out in the fresh air for the first time in a long time. She ran over to the water trough I was filling and drank some water. She ran through the sprinklers, shook her tail feathers, and basked in the fresh morning air.

I don’t know about you, but I could totally relate to how she was feeling. I’ve so been there.

I know all too well that moment when you finally emerge from whatever hole you’ve been in – even though you’d been convinced you were fine there – those first few moments in the fresh air of a new day, the first sips of cool, renewing water are like a baptism. They offer a promise of new life, new perspective, a better day than yesterday.

I could feel what that bird felt as she shook off the dust and grunge of feeling so stuck. I said to her, “See?! Doesn't this feel GREAT?”

I don’t know if she could understand me, but I know that you can. And if you can identify with that chicken, let me just tell you – life is so much better outside the hole you’re in.

Change requires courage, but it’s the only way to redemption and renewal.

A beautiful day awaits you. Cool water calls to you. Fresh air longs for your lungs. The sun seeks to shine on your face and fill you with warmth, hope, and promise that there are better days ahead.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


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