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Freedom Never Felt So Good!

I already had today’s Monday motivation planned, and then Saturday night happened…

To celebrate my dad’s birthday we went to a concert at Jessie’s Grove winery, the band playing was Forejour (a Foreigner and Journey cover band), and they were incredible!

But what moved me wasn’t just the amazing talent of the band, it was the feeling of everyone in the audience…

There was a sense of sheer joy among us as we all danced freely in the evening air. Everyone was smiling and laughing, sharing a love for music, for life, for freedom, for each other.

As we all danced under the stars, hands in the air, I swear it nearly brought me to tears.

The strain of the pandemic has been felt in many ways, and I think some ways are yet to be seen. It’s still the number one topic of conversation out in public, and amongst friends and family that we’re just beginning to reunite with.

But dancing with hundreds of strangers the other night, felt like a healing was happening, a reclaiming of life.

We had all survived a pandemic, hysteria, fear, uncertainty, chaos and confusion. We’d all survived losing people, freedoms, precious moments, and opportunities.

Each of us had walked through this moment in history and come out the other side. And as we all put our hands in the air, threw our heads back, and collectively howled lyrics to the moon, it was as if we were being reborn.

As our nation’s birthday is upon us, I invite you to feel a sense of freedom on a new level.

I am so proud to live in a country that strives for progress – that continually says, ‘we can do better’, and reaches for new depths of freedom for all.

After the past year and half we’ve had, I think all of us can connect to our freedom in a new way.

Freedom doesn’t just apply to the protections of the amendments, but it’s in the little things that we often take for granted…

The freedom to visit with family and friends, to eat inside a restaurant, to go to school, to hug, to dance under the stars with strangers.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been so grateful for our freedom as I am right now.

So, as you stock up on hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks this week I invite you to relish in our returning freedoms, the ones we often overlook.

No nation is perfect – there is always work to be done. But just because we have far to go doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how far we’ve come.

So, as you cheers your friends, play water games, or watch fireworks burst in the air, I invite you to remember how good it feels to be free, and to be grateful for it.

Be safe, don’t start any fires, and have fun. You’ve earned it. 😊

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


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