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It's your time!

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Discover who you are under all of your roles and responsibilities,
& develop 
the deeply rooted confidence you've been waiting for. 

Welcome to Me Time

ME TIME is a 90-day group coaching program for women who are in the thick of a chapter of life that has them wondering,


"who am I?" 

Maybe you're in the thick of mothering young children, or caring for your own parents. Maybe you're transitioning through divorce, or becoming an empty nester.


Wherever you're at in your journey - if you're feeling like you've lost track of who you are, if your confidence is on shaky ground and you're ready to do something about it - you're in the right place...

Over the course of 90-days, you will: 

Discover who you are! Reconnect with yourself - body, mind, and soul.


Discover how being Strategically Selfish allows you to feel more joyful, fulfilled, and nourished without taking more time away from your family. 

Have deeper connections in your relationships. 



Feel safe and supported in the sisterhood of our group. 

Feel more confident than you have in years.

How it Works

Weekly live coaching sessions.

We'll meet on Zoom every week for about an hour. If you're at your desk or got a baby on your hip, that's fine! We'll take you as you are. We'll spend about half the time on the new content for that week, and then open it up for coaching. 

New content each week that expands your self-discovery and confidence.

We'll move through a series of content throughout the weeks that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of yourself, resulting in deeply rooted confidence. 

Connection to other women on the same journey as you. 

We all want to know we're not alone, we're not crazy, and we're not broken. I can tell you that - but when you see your stories and sentiments reflected in the experiences of other women, it hits home. 

The container of this group offers us each an opportunity to be held in a safe, supportive, and empowering sisterhood, and to hold other women in it in return. To listen and to be heard. 

When we see ourselves as an asset to our family,

investing in ourselves is a no-brainer. 

The rate for this program is $297.

That's TWELVE group sessions for less than $25 per session - talk about no-brainer! 


how does the coaching work?  Each session I'll share new content to take your self-discovery to a new level. Afterwards, I'll open it up for coaching. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to ask questions they have about the content we've discussed (that week or in previous weeks), or get guidance on implementnig the content into their lives. I'll aswer questions in such a way that everyone else on the call benefits from the coaching that person receives. Sometimes our greatest moments of clarity come when someone else puts our own questions into words we couldn't find ourselves.

What if I don't want to talk? You don't have to! Watching other people get coached has been some of the most profound moments of my coaching experiences. If you don't have a question, you can simply stay to hold space for those who do, and you never know what gold may come your way that you never expected. If you have a question but don't want to ask it live - let's talk. I encourage you to be brave, to hear your voice, to allow others the opporutnity to benefit from your question and our conversation. BUT if you want to discuss your question in privacy, there will be a messaging app you can use to ask me privately.

What if I can't attend live? The sessions be recorded, however, the container of our group - the connection we all get being live together is powerful and requires all of our participation. Our sessions are every monday at 12pm PST. Please mark your calendar now to ensure your availability. If you are home with kids - that doesn't have to stop you. You can be on mute and still give yourself some Me Time, even in the thick of it. If you are unavailable and unable to attend a session, they will be recorded and you will be sent a link to the recordings.

How do I connect with the other women? The container of this program is not limited to our Zoom sessions. We'll be using the app WhatsApp to communicate. There we'll be able to message the group and individuals from the group too. This is our tool for building sisterhood! After registering you'll receive instructions on how to download the app and connect to our group.

Have another question? 
Submit your question below, and I'll be happy to help!

Thank you! I will be in touch soon!

Quick Recap

  • Me time is a 90-day group coaching program that will help you develop deeply rooted confidence to do, be, and say the things you've been wanting to. 


  • Each session will offer new content to expand your self-discovery and empowerment journey, and then be opened up for coaching.

  • We will use the WhatsApp app to communicate as a group to keep the container of sisterhood open and available to everyone throughout the program. 

  • You're about to embark on a journey back to yourself, a remembering of who you are and what you're being called to. When we know who we are, and practice loving and honoring that person, we develop deeply rooted confidence that is unshakable. 

So, are you ready? 

I'm ready for Me Time! 

Registration for Me Time is currently closed. 

Join the waitlist to get premier access to the next round, opening up in the fall of 2022.

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