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Admission to The Intention Studio

Admission to The Intention Studio

About the Event


What is the Intention Studio?

The Intention Studio offers you the time and space to honestly assess what desires you have for your life. I'll walk you through exercises that help you get clear on what you want, and what may be getting in the way of making it your reality. I'll then walk you through my process for setting clear and actionable intentions. 


What to Expect

A casual and comfortable environment, appetizers and beverages, and being in the company of like-minded people who want to make their dreams come true too. Come alone, come with a friend - whatever makes you comfortable. I simply ask that you come with an open mind and excited to begin the best year of your life. 


This Event Includes:

*Appetizers, beer, wine, and herbal tea

*Intention setting activies

*Aromatherapy & guided meditation

*Time and space to set intentions in a mindful way that will set your future in motion.


Come as you are, leave as you wish to be...

    $78.00 Regular Price
    $68.00Sale Price
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