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You Are A Masterpiece

At the end of our lavender field is a single walnut tree. The field used to be a walnut orchard, but the trees were old and unwell, and after moving in we had them removed – except for this one.

In my eyes, this one tree was so beautiful and healthy; there was something special about her and I wanted to keep her, so we did.

Last week my husband and I were walking through our lavender field. As we walked past the walnut tree my husband remarked about how few walnuts she’s produced.

I laughed and said, “I didn’t keep her for her walnut production, I kept her because she’s beautiful. I love her shape, I love the canopy she creates. I love how healthy and strong she is. I love how her branches arch just so. I love how I feel when I’m near her. I don’t care if she produces any walnuts ever again, I just love her for being her.”

As I listened to myself describe why I loved this tree, I thought ‘wow, why can’t I love myself like this?’

In our society of busyness and production – what we do and what we create is a form of currency; for many of us it’s how our worth is determined. Think about it, when you meet someone new, what’s usually the first question asked? “So, what do you do?”

We don’t say, ‘tell me about yourself.’ Or ask, ‘what lights you up?’ We’re far more ready to interpret who someone is based on what they do.

But the truth is, it says so very little about us. What we do, is not a reflection of the beauty that we are.

Our family and friends don't want us around because of what we produce - they love us because of who we are. They love the way they feel when they're around us. And we love them for the same reasons. 

This week I invite you to join me in practicing this change in perspective. Let’s practice seeing ourselves and each other as divine creations just as we are.

Our worth, beauty, or talent is not determined by what we produce; it already exists just by being who we are. Our only job is to be ourselves in all of our glory.

You are already the masterpiece. Whatever you create is simply the cherry on top.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day.

With love and gratitude, 


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