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Thank you, I love you, Goodbye.

This past weekend my family experienced the end of an era.

As you have likely experienced yourself, when one chapter of our lives closes and another begins, it’s a bittersweet time.

The adventure and excitement of the chapter ahead is thrilling, but the turning of the page – the leaving behind – hurts like hell.

When you find yourself in the thick of this moment it’s easy to question everything. We’ll find all sorts of reasons to avoid the pain. Maybe I’m making the wrong decision? Maybe this hurting so much is a sign that I shouldn’t be doing it?

As I heard these questions being asked through tears and shaky voices, I heard myself answer, “we can be scared and sad, and do it anyway. It can hurt like hell, and still be the right decision.”

As ancient beings we’re wired to avoid pain and stay safe. As modern humans, however, we have to recognize that those feelings are our animal brain trying to keep us from being eaten by a lion – these days it’s not necessarily in our best interest to stay in the cave and never leave.

We are meant to live our lives, not just stay alive.

That means from time to time we have to change things up, we have to take risks, we have to choose the unknown over the comfortable.

This weekend we expressed all of our gratitude for the chapter that was ending for us. We told stories, we laughed, we cried, and we saluted glasses of champagne in honor of what was.

In moments I was alone I found myself reminiscing and saying, ‘thank you, I love you, goodbye.’

When I work with clients through the process of forgiveness, we recite this mantra as a release exercise. Yesterday I found myself saying it not to forgive, but to let go.

I wanted to express my gratitude and love, and to acknowledge that just because you let something go doesn’t mean you don’t love it. You can love something and still need to say goodbye.

So that’s what we did. And this morning, I feel stronger for it.

We didn’t let the pain dictate our destination.

We faced it, we felt it, we let our hearts break, and we kept moving forward.

We turned the page, and now, it’s nothing but open roads ahead.

On to the next adventure...

May you find courage and comfort this week as you choose to be brave, and LIVE. Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


Ps – if this resonates with you, reach out to me and let's jump on a call; we can chat about how working with me might help you turn the page and start a new chapter in your life.

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