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Are You Speaking Your Truth?

For at least the past year there has been a bird that sits at the top of a tree in our backyard singing ALL DAY. It’s a very tall tree, and every day you can find him at the very top proudly singing his song. Funny enough, a few weeks ago my mom and I were standing in my kitchen when she heard him singing. She perked up when she heard him and said, “that’s a mockingbird!” I told her that he sits there every day and sings, and I led her out back to show her. Sure enough, there he was perched at the very top of the tree. She explained to me that he was only repeating songs of other birds. For the first time I actually stopped and listened to him. She was right – he was singing a series of 3-4 different songs over and over. As we turned to go back inside, she said, “I wonder what his own song sounds like.” The question lingered with me… Here is this beautiful bird, with obvious talent, but nothing he did was original. I wondered, 'what would his song sound like? Does he even know?' In the world we live in there is so much for us to mimic. With social media, Pinterest, and Youtube, if we want to know how to do ANYTHING there are models for us. But in the midst of an abundance of models are we losing our originality? One of the things I work on with clients is finding their authenticity – who they are underneath all the labels and stories. We do this because so many people feel lost. Many of us don’t know who we are anymore. We have so many options for mimicking, we don’t even know what our truth – our own uniqueness – looks or feels like. The good news is, there is a path back to yourself. The trick is, to shut down the noise of other people’s songs and create space to hear your own. Practicing breathwork and meditation will help you quiet the noise of your mind, and get into your body - the seat of your inner knowing - so that you can connect to your essence and your intuition, and listen to what’s true for you. You are a unique soul with special gifts to offer the world. And I am sure your song is absolutely beautiful. If you’re not already, its time to start singing it… Wishing you a wonderful week. With love and gratitude, Robin
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