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Preparing for Motherhood Masterclass

Set yourself up for a successful transition
into motherhood. 

I will help you with what you REALLY need to know. 

What do we really need to be ready for our baby's birth?


The truth is, baby needs very little in those first few weeks - YOU need much more. The kicker is, what you need isn't necessarily something that can be wrapped in a cute bow for a baby shower gift, in fact, it isn't even really talked about much at all. Until now...

During this masterclass I'll walk you through the following topics: 

  • Establishing your village

  • What you really need in your hospital bag 

  • Meal and menu planning 

  • Birth education 

  • Partner education 

  • The power of your birth story

  • Plans for staying connected to yourself, even in the midst of motherhood

Inside this FREE Masterclass I'm condensing 10 years of research, expertise, and experience into a one-hour class this will give you the jump start you need to prepare for motherhood. 

At the end of this class I'm even providing you with a points-based checklist that will help you take focused action steps this week and help you feel less STRESSED, SCARED, and OVERWHELMED and so much more READY, CONFIDENT, and CALM.

I'll see you there! 



Ultimately, my goal is to help you feel thoroughly supported and nourished so that you can heal properly, and build a solid foundation for motherhood. 

Let's set you up for success!

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