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living the dream  

Create a life you love living

The membership that will change your life

In this monthly experience you are guided through creating a life that you love living.

We build on self-love, love for others, emotional and physical wellness, and living in alignment with our dreams for the future.


Each month we have two live group calls, we add tools, Action Steps, inspiration, and offer direct support for your journey from your LTD community. 


As we find joy, gratitude, and fulfillment in living our lives, we show up in a more loving way for our family and friends, our communities, and the world.

Here's how it works...

Like a home, we build a mindset so strong that it can withstand any storm. 

In this video Robin explains how the membership is designed to support you as you create the life of your dreams. There are essentially three pillars to this program: 

  • Create A Foundation 

  • Build the Life of Your Dreams

  • Embrace the Community

Watch the video to learn how these pillars are applied in this membership, and how going through this process you will find yourself Living the Dream. 

Membership Details

Foundational Phases

This content helps you develop a deeper connection to yourself, and your visions for your future. This creates a foundation to build on with the monthly content.
At the beginning of each month we have an Intention Session Session where Robin leads everyone in guided meditation to bring focus back on our dreams for the future.
This is also a time to set goals for the month. 

Intention Setting Sessions



Each month we offer ideas for actions to take in alignment with the theme for that month. 
These actions are designed to help you get closer to living the dream. 



Towards the end of each month there is a live group coaching call with Robin, where there's an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on a specific situation, and share your experiences. 

Group Coaching Call

The last week of each month you'll have the opportunity to assess your progress over the month. Noticing our progress is one of the keys to happiness. It builds confidence and keeps you motivated. 
The Living the Dream Facebook group is a private group only for members, and it offers more support for your growth than you can imagine! This is a safe place to share your intentions, your successes, ask your questions, and connect with like-minded people. 


1:1 Sessions

For those who elect to upgrade to the Gold or Platinum Levels, you will receive additional support on your journey with1:1 sessions with Robin each month. 
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