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Awaken the Goddess

Can you relate to any of these feelings... 

  • I feel so DISCONNECTED from my body... and frankly, want nothing to do with "that" area. 

  • I'm pretty sure I'm broken - something must be wrong with me for feeling this way about my body and my sex life. 

  • I'm kind of embarrassed to say, I don't even know my own body that well ("vulva?" I thought it was called "vagina"). 

  • I wish I was more CONFIDENT, I wish I loved my body.

  • I want to have more interest in SEX, and feel good about myself in the act.

  • I want to connect to my femininity on a deeper level.

  • I feel like there must be this powerhouse Goddess inside of me, but I have no idea how to tap into her... 

If so - This is the event for you!


This is an intimate workshop where we will explore the power of connecting with your yoni and sacred womb space. 

The place where goddess energy dwells within you. 

At this event, we will... 

  • Fill in where our sex ed. classes failed us: We'll discuss female anatomy and pleasure points. 

  • Discuss the power of pleasure: The more you are connected to your pleasure, the more deeply rooted you become in yourself and your power. 

  • Put shame in its place: Better understand why we have so much shame about our bodies, our periods, sexual expression, and especially, ahem, masturbation. The better we understand this - the more easily we can call BS and let it go. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of!

  • Better understand how our sexual desire gets 'turned on' and 'turned off' ("I prepped ALL DAY for date night, and bad breath just ruined the whole thing!" 😂).


The ripple affect this will have on every area of your life will

When & Where

February 4, 2022 | 6:00pm - 8:30pm

SHINE Yoga Studio, Stockton CA

Ticket Price $44

~ Or upgrade to VIP and receive a 2oz bottle of Yoni Oil, and a1:1 session with Robin ~

Spaces are VERY limited.

Reserve your spot today!


Feel free to ask us anything! Your questions help us compile the FAQ, so you're helping your sisters out by asking! :) 

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