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You Are A BEAST!

My cousin is a CHP officer, and during a recent visit with him we were standing in my driveway when he pointed at my car and said, “this thing is a beast.”

He explained, “I’ve seen these cars in a lot of accidents where all the other cars are mangled, and the people driving this car get out and walk away. It’s a BEAST.”

As you can imagine, hearing this about the vehicle I drive my family in made me feel a huge sense of comfort and pride in, what was apparently, a great choice in vehicle.

In the days following I noticed a shift in how I felt driving my car. I felt extra confident, safe, and protected. Hearing my cousin’s affirmations echoing in my mind, I felt so grateful for this “beast” that held my life.

Then I started to wonder... do I feel this way about myself?

The truth is, if you’re reading this right now - YOU ARE A BEAST. Your body has lived through decades of demand and it still shows up. It’s been through viruses and injuries, and its recovered.

Your heart has endured pain, frustration, fear, and fatigue and it’s not only survived it, but come through it hopeful and ready for more.

Whatever you’ve been through – and I know it’s been a lot – you have survived, and walked away from all of it still intact.

Life has not weakened you, it has seasoned you and made you stronger. It's turned you into a BEAST...

Who cares what your size or weight is, YOU ARE A BEAST. Nevermind what people have done to you in the past, YOU ARE A BEAST.

Our scars are evidence that we’re have been through the ultimate crash tests and have earned our 5-star ratings.

As you go about your day, I encourage you to feel about yourself the way I have felt driving my car... Take comfort in knowing that whatever you encounter, YOU ARE A BEAST, and walk with pride.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,


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