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Make Space for That Which You Seek

I started a journey of de-cluttering my home recently, and the process has been a great teacher for me. I started in the laundry room, the part of my home that is energetically associated with financial success and wealth per the feng shui energy map. Every drawer and cabinet was filled with STUFF, and there was very little method to the sheer madness. As I began the process of taking every item off the shelves and out of the drawers I had a thought, “You want all of these things to come into your life, but you have no room for them.”

We all want something more – more money, a new car, a baby, a better job, a loving relationship, something. And while I was removing the clutter from my cupboards and counter tops I wondered what message I had been sending to the Universe about the things that I want. Here I was holding onto things I didn’t want or need, allowing them to take up space that should only be given to things that add value to my life. And the things I did value were lost among the chaos and clutter – ignored, undervalued, even forgotten about. 😔

I often talk about the importance of gratitude, and in this way I was being very ungrateful. Over the past week I’ve spent hours letting go of the items I no longer need with love, and honoring the things that enhance my life by giving them gratitude and a proper place. This week I invite you to think about the thing(s) that you seek, and reflect on how you are energetically showing up for the money/car/children/job/relationships that you currently have. When we give these things the attention, love, and respect they deserve, by Universal Law, we will attract more. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Make space. Give Gratitude. Receive. Repeat.

Wishing you a blessed day,


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